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Challenging and Contesting Narratives of Sexual assault - What role can architects play?

Prita Jha is the founder and president of 'Peace and Equality Cell' (PEC). PEC provides free legal representation to survivors of child sexual abuse, works with survivors of gender-based violence, and has recently started working on issues of disability. 

She was born in Ranchi, Jharkhand. She shifted to England, aged 9 and was educated in the North of England. Prita obtained her first degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University College of London and a masters in Development from University of Manchester. She fell in love with Law and Justice by chance doing a law module as part of her Undergrad degree. She became a solicitor and practiced as a family and criminal solicitor in Manchester for many years. 

She has taught courses on Gender and Law, Criminal Justice Administration, NGO and Civil Society nd RTI at Nirma Universit. Prita has published articles on Open Democracy on various aspects of the implementation of Domestic Violence and Child Sexual Abuse Legislation in India. 

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