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The central vision behind the Collective is to engage in re-conceiving the discipline of architecture from a feminist lens – both in a discursive as well as practical manner. Through the Collective, we aim to not only expand the discourse in education, research and practice, but also become agents of transformation.



Our mission is to promote gender equity, and to create and expand spaces for non-cis males in the fields of architecture, landscape design and urban design through continuous dialogue and action. To this end, we aim to conduct: 

Activities that engage with the discourse and practice of feminism in Indian architecture:

  • Webinar/ In-person presentations for knowledge and experience sharing.

  • Exhibitions of academic and professional practices of women and non-binary architects.

  • Creation of data base of non cis-males in architecture.

  • Debates and discussions.

  • Documentation and Research. 

  • Design inputs and consultation, etc.


Activities that aim to provide support to women architects, non-binary architects, and students of architecture:

  • Femtorship 

  • Skill building Workshops 

  • Communication workshops

  • Gender Awareness and Sensitization workshops, etc.


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