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Feminist Collective in Architecture

is a collective of architects, artists and designers working towards creating and expanding spaces for non cis-males in architecture and allied fields.


We bring together people, skills, resources and research to generate ideas, debates and discussions and provide support to advance the status of marginalized genders and identities.


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for ArchitectureLive! 


Gender Parity:

Architecture Profession in Post-binary India


Only 50% (sometimes less) of architectural graduates are men. Yet, globally, the discipline is known for being a male-dominated profession. In India, as per a cursory insight into one of the more sobering statistics, of the 50% registered female architects, only 20% are licensed practitioners. This gap further widens for people identifying with genders outside of cis-male and cis-female. 


As we attempt this, the questions that face us are: 

  • How do we propel gender parity in the architecture field in India?  

  • How do we make the architecture profession (practice and academia) more inclusive? 

  • How do we address and update the profession’s imbalances?      

The answers to these questions depend on your response to our survey. Participate now, link given below        

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